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Download R-Schach

R-Schach is the successor of Freeware-Schach and has an unpacked size of 52 MB.

Run R-Schach at your own risk.

R-Schach 2.40 portable, 21 MByte (recommended)
R-Schach 2.40 setup, 23 MByte (recommended)

The last version 1 (still executable under Windows XP)

R-Schach 1.27 portable, 17 MByte


R-Schach is also running on your Android smartphone / tablet. To install it there, simply open the page "". There you will find a download link. You will not find it in the Play Store!

Download Freeware-Schach

Freeware-Schach has an unpacked size of only 3,3 MByte on your harddisk and runs from Windows 2000. This application is not developed further. Freeware-Schach is not stable for some users under Windows 10. For me, however, it works perfectly. So better install R-Schach.

Run Freeware-Schach at your own risk.

Freeware-Schach 3.49 portable (1,5 MByte)
Freeware-Schach 3.49 setup (1,5 MByte)